Sailing the Seas

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." - English Proverb

When I saw this proverb and the picture below, I thought it was an apt message for me to remember as the Childpeace Head of School. In what seems to be a perpetual state of growth, this ship has certainly helped me become a skilled sailor. I think each of our Guides would say the same about their work with your children, whether they have been at Childpeace for two months or more than twenty years. I look at the transitions our children and staff members have lived through this summer and the financial cost of all the work and I say to myself: why did we choose to ride another rough wave?

With amazing teachers, a dedicated and hardworking Board of Trustees, a solid Strategic Plan to guide us and cautious fiscal management, Childpeace is in the position to adapt and adjust to bad weather on the seas. We were able to make the decision to green light the retrofit of the playroom roof structure, even though it would mean these of some of our “rainy day” building fund. We have positioned our organization to be able to make the right choices at the right times. This summer were also able to finally remodel the toddler bathroom with low sinks and toilets and it is so much more functional for our 20 toddlers. And the beautiful steps Josh made to go with them were actually made from the truss we replaced!!

When we say goodbye to people we depend upon like Michelle (former Spruce Room Guide) or Alicia (former Office Manager), we unfailingly attract amazing people to step in their shoes. Our attractive work environment prepares us for these transitions which are inevitable.

We navigate these waters together, every year---starting at the beginning and enjoying the many fun times and challenges that popup from September to June. We would not be such a strong and vital organization if we only sailed on calm waters. The challenges of growth and organizational health have made Childpeace strong and resilient. And the exciting thing is that your children get to experience a healthy, vital school life where they set sail on their own (easy and hard) adventures every day.

Sue Pritzker, Head of School
Childpeace Montessori School