The Montessori Method is Translated into English - April, 1912

This month, 98 years ago, The Montessori Method was translated into English by Anne E. George with an introduction by Professor Henry W. Holmes of Harvard University and published by the Frederick A. Stokes Company in New York, NY.

"IN February, 1911, Professor Henry W. Holmes, of the Division of Education at Harvard University, did me the honour to suggest that an English translation be made of my Italian volume, "Il Metodo della Pedagogia Scientifica applicato all' educazione infantile nelle Case dei Bambini." This suggestion represented one of the greatest events in the history of my educational work. To-day, that to which I then looked forward as an unusual privilege has become an accomplished fact. " - Excerpt from the Preface to the American Version, Maria Montessori

Here is a link to a digital version of The Montessori Method, provided by the Build-A-Book Initiative at the Celebration of Women Writers, University of Pennsylvania Digital Library Collection